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Battle Bay Hack and Game Review: Rule The World Of Waves!


Battle Bay is a multiplayer online battle arena game in which you will be battling your enemies in the middle of the sea. It is necessary to know how to handle the waves as aiming your opponent will get very difficult. So, keep practicing the art of aiming while riding the waves as it is the only way to ensure victory in the game.

Battle Bay Cheats and Game Features:

The most important aspect of the game is to select the right ship. There are numerous ships available in the game and all of them have their merits and demerits. So, before selecting any one ship, research about them and then make a decision.
The Shooter is the first ship in the game and is the second fastest ship that can be used.
The Enforcer is the finest ship that you could own as no other ship can aim better than this one.
The Speeder moves quickly and can overturn other ships in the game.
Another interesting ship is the Defender, which is the most indestructible ship available in the game.
Train your crew so that you can unlock their talents and make them influential.
The game has 8 unique maps to explore and enjoy.
Pearls are the premium in-game currency that can be used in increasing inventory space and purchasing weapons and resources. The most convienent way to get Pearls is to use Battle Bay Hack.
Always upgrade your equipments so that you have the strongest gear at the time of battles.
There are 10 different captains to unlock in the game. Each of them has their set of strengths and weaknesses. So, research well by reading the descriptions and bonuses of each captain before unlocking them.
By using the real world money, you can purchase the VIP Status, which will provide you with several perks in the game.
If you see a red circle appearing on your way then stay away from it, as this means that the enemy is about to launch a mortar attack.
The weapons available in the game are divided into rarity categories. You will start your game with the common ones and as you proceed you can switch to the uncommon ones. Also, upgrading the uncommon gear is better for your game.
Gold is the primary currency of the game. It is better not to hoard Gold as its capacity is limited. So, spend it as much as your heart desires! If you are out of gold try our Battle Bay Hack 2017.
Hoarding weapons and equipments is a good idea so keep them safely as even if you do not use them, you can at least sell them as a valuable scrap. However, to hoard the weapons, you need to increase your item slot allotment.
Don’t forget to watch the ad bonus videos that will give you loads of currency and a bonus pearl.
Most of the quests in the game are pretty simple; so complete them quickly as the rewards are worth it.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, the Battle Bay game is a brilliant battle arena game that has been launched by Rovio. All you need will be a well-planned strategy to win the game.

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